From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change
30 November 2017
Albert and Quim start Stage 2

Yesterday's stage was not entirely satisfactory for the WORLD NATURE EXPLORING team, since, unfortunately, Jose Arimany did not complete it and had to abandon it due to the strong vomiting suffered after the episode of dehydration of the previous day. In spite of everything, it is in good condition in Nazca, waiting along with 40 other people to be taken to Lima.

Quim and Albert after approximately 6h 15 minutes of running, finished the second stage, and have even gained positions in the general classification: they are on 54th and 38th respectively. At this time, there are 233 runners in the race, after about 40 abandonments in yesterday's stage.

As expected, it was a difficult stage, with many slopes in the land due to the large dunes that were found along the way. After crossing the ICA river canyon at approximately 23,6Km. the terrain became more undulating and the soft sand, that made the march even more difficult.

Today they will continue fighting and enjoying a new stage: they will be 32,7Km. and will take them to travel the stretch from Samaca to Ocucaje.




Desertification is the degradation of land in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas, derived mainly from human activities (overcultivation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor use of water), climate change and loss of biodiversity.

It is a global problem that directly affects the well-being and future of a sixth of the world's population, and a third of the earth's surface. It also endangers the livelihood of around one billion people in more than one hundred countries, who depend on land for most of their needs and who are often the poorest inhabitants of the planet.

Although desertification affects the African continent to a greater extent, two thirds of which are deserts or drylands, the problem is not confined to the dry lands of that continent. More than six billion hectares equivalent to 40% of the planet's surface are arid areas that are candidates for deserts, and 20 million hectares of arable land are lost every year.

More than 30% of the land in the United States is affected by land degradation. A quarter of Latin America and the Caribbean are deserts and drylands. In Spain, a fifth of the land is in danger of desertification. In China, since the 1950s, sandstorms and the growth of deserts have devastated nearly 700,000 hectares of arable or forested land.

Desertification is at the center of political and socio-economic problems and threatens the environmental balance in the affected regions. Increase poverty, force migrations and provoke armed conflicts.

Furthermore, in this case, climate change is in turn the cause and consequence of desertification, as it is largely caused by drought, and at the same time is a factor in the acceleration of global warming. Living lands (which are fertile and have a lot of life inside) are the largest terrestrial carbon storage (they store three times more carbon than vegetation). With the process of desertification this storage capacity is lost and millions of tons of carbon are released (currently about 300 per year, equivalent to 4% of global CO2 emissions)

We are now in Peru, one of the countries most vulnerable to desertification in the world, because the arid zones are equivalent to one third of the national territory and they account for barely 2% of the annual rainfall.

That's why we run here in the ICA desert, putting our sport and our passion for challenges at the service of the fight against Climate Change. Because we are optimistic, and the optimists are not those who believe that everything is going well, but realists who know how to recognize the problems and threats, and with this they are confident that they can achieve good results if they are fought effectively and with the conviction that the goal is worth it.

We love the desert, but we do not want more deserts in the world!

Second Stage
Second Stage
Second Stage
Second Stage Dunes
Second Stage Dunes
Second Stage Dunes
Second Stage Dunes
30 November 2017
20:12 H
Bé, per als que continueu! Molta força... i aigua!
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