From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change
02 December 2017
Start Fourth Stage TOP50

Quim and Albert finished the fourth stage, the longest of the MARATHON DES SABLES PERU.

Yesterday they could not run together, as they had done during the two previous stages, because due to the number of abandonments, Albert was among the top 50 classified, and that meant he had the start of this fourth stage two more hours late than the rest of runners, including Quim. Fact that forced Albert to accelerate his pace because the time limit to arrive was the same for all the participants.

After approximately 12h21 minutes Quim completed the total of 68.4Km., he is currently in position 57 of the general classification. And Albert approx. 11h23 minutes of running  it's in position 41 in the general classification, he is very excited and happy to stay in the Top50!

Today of rest for recover strength for the two stages until the end. There are still runners making this fourth stage.



Climate change is not only a problem of the polar bear and the melting of the Arctic, but it affects all humanity in all senses, and a clear and worrying example of this are the forced migrations that it provokes.

Since 2008, an annual average of 21.5 million people have been forcibly displaced from their territories as a result of climate change and its effects - droughts, floods, storms, forest fires, sea level rise and extreme temperatures, among others--, and become environmental migrants or "climate refugees".

It is estimated that at the current rate, in the next 50 years there will be about 1 billion people who will have emigrated from their land for reasons related to the climate: and this will be a world great crisis, which will affect both the people who suffer it how to the destination countries of these migratory movements.

Most of the current wars have their origin in causes directly or indirectly related to climate change. No area of ​​the planet is being spared, but the migration of people within a nation, or cross-border, is higher in areas vulnerable to disturbing natural events, densely populated and without resources to deal with emergencies.

When we see thousands of people dying in the Mediterranean for trying to reach Europe, when we are worried about the migratory tensions in our social system, when we see absurd wars or extremisms in countries of climate sensitive areas, or when we think that "those" people come here to  take advantage of our well-being and to disturb our society, we must understand that, in large part, this is caused by our lifestyle; and for that reason we should respect, promote and consider our obligations towards them. And beyond this, we must act to minimize as much as possible the acceleration and worsening of climate change.

That's why we run here in the ICA desert, putting our sport and our passion for challenges at the service of the fight against Climate Change. Because we are optimistic, and the optimists are not those who believe that everything is going well, but realists who know how to recognize the problems and threats, and with this they are confident that they can achieve good results if they are fought effectively and with the conviction that the goal is worth it.

We love the desert, but we do not want more deserts in the world!

Fourth Stage
03 December 2017
13:12 H
Molt interessant el que expliqueu... i molt content que progresseu adequadament! Felicitats per tot plegat... i endavant!
03 December 2017
02:36 H
Albert i Quim, molts d?ànims i molta força! L?objectiu val la pena, continueu amb aquesta confiança i amb aquest optimisme i ho aconseguireu! Albert quan ens veiem volem una descripció d?aquests paisatges magnífics que hauràs vist des del principi fins al final de la marató, així que endevant!!!! Claudia i Anthony xx
02 December 2017
16:59 H
Felicitats Albert ets formidable !!!! Anims que ja queda poc. Una abraçada
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