From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change
03 December 2017
Camp base

Today the WORLD NATURE EXPLORING team has a stage of 42.2Km. from Barlovento to Mendieta. This will be the last harsher stage, after which they will only have 19.6Km, to finish the MARATHON DES SABLES PERU.

In summary, the previous stage was very good for both, although they had some scare; Quim had to slow down due to stomach problems, problems that accompanied him from the first day in Peru, he was trapping it, because he was very brave and stubborn and finished the stage, tired of the effort and also by pain but very lively! He has had 24 hours to recover, and hope that they can stop his stomach problems.

Albert, was very impressed to stay the ranking of the 50 best, this gave him energy to running conserving a bit to be its position among the Top50.He kept pace, but passed the CP6 and 7Km. before the arrival, he had an important drop, because it had not eaten enough, but he recovered.

It was a very warm stage, and fortunately, there was no air in the first part, the terrain with many dunes and fine sand, then it was complicated. Later they had a lot of strong wind, preventing them to move forward fast.

What emphasizes Albert is the authentic sensation of absolute desert as it ran for almost 7km. without seeing anyone, totally alone, surrounded by dunes in its immensity.

The resting stage was done on a deserted Pacific beach, accompanied by crabs, seagulls and sea lions, so surely they were able to cool off and recover forces.


Then you can read the lived experience of Jose Arimany:

" Chronicle of Jose Arimany from Aguas Calientes-Perú:

The other side of the adventure:

My experience at Marathon Des Sables Peru has been different from what I had imagined, and it has not been for lack of dedication: we have prepared the material for months and I have trained thoroughly, much more than on any other occasion.

That's how the facts were:

The first stage was extremely hard, it was very hot and the organization changed the route at the last minute and made us pass through a dry river that was following a cannon, there was not a drop of air and the temperature was very high. The sand we were treading was very thin and it brought with us a brutal wear. In all the edition of MDS Morocco that we ran with Quim and Albert in 2011 we did not find as much sand as in this first stage, Ica's desert has nothing to do with Morocco, it is much more hostile and endless I reached the finish line with vomiting and a severe dehydration, they attended me two hours in the hospital. Hell!

After sleeping 12 hours in a row, but unable to eat, we started the second stage.

At CP1 I started to have nausea and vomiting and I did not have enough energy to continue, I entered a zone of dunes with difficulties for the evacuation, so I decided abandonment.

The organization was overwhelmed with more than 40 people who left the race at CP1.

It took me more than 7 hours to pick me up and 3 more hours of transportation to Nazca, plus 24 hours to recover the luggage.

It is not a complaint nor I look for excuses, I understand that such a tough career involves harsh solutions.

I was surprised that they gave water with gas. For stomach problems? For dehydration? I do not get it!

I explain this because after fifteen years doing such races had never been abandoned, and the disappointment is very great after having prepared everything with such enthusiasm, but I learned that when the body says stop, you have to listened

Albert and Quim are doing something extraordinary, beyond the competition, they are very stubborn.

For Albert it is a natural environment, it always adapts very quickly.

Quim suffered a lot of stomach pain, it was about considering abandoning, but it has this character that if you have a little hope, pull forward.

Congratulations to both of you to do what you are doing! "

Pacific beach
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