From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change
07 December 2017
Finish line stage 2

We have finished the first edition of MARATHON DES SABLES PERÚ ... and we can not be happier. On the sporting side, but especially for having lived a great human experience in contact with this magnificent desert.

The only negative point is that only Albert and Quim were able to complete the race, while Jóse had to withdraw in stage 2 due to having suffered severe dehydration in the first stage. Albert achieved an excellent result placing himself within the Top 50 (among 350 runners at the start), remaining in the 46th position of the general classification. Quim had stomach problems since the first day, and despite this reached the 64th position at the end of the race.

First editions always have something magical, and this has not been an exception. Although it was very well managed thanks to the experience of 32 editions of the MDS in Morocco, there were certain necessary points of improvisation and a special energy and good vibes because here, both the runners and the organization were being pioneers in this type of challenge in the desert of Ica. With all, our sincere gratitude and congratulations to all the organizers for making this great event possible. 

After so many kilometers, seven nights sleeping on the ground and having time to be very lonely while also being able to be connected with runners of 35 nationalities, it is difficult to choose which have been the best moments.

Maybe when we cross an erg of beautiful dunes for 10Km

Maybe when we crossed the finish line every day

Maybe when we were running together with some other totally unknown runner and talking about the passion for life

Maybe when I was running alone at night surrounded only by sand

Maybe when we all gathered together in an unstable camp tent to protect us from the incessant wind

Maybe when we get to the big dune that flows straight into the Pacific Ocean after having seen only sand for days

Maybe when we ran for hours following a string of endless dunes

Maybe when we rest one day on the deserted beach of Barlovento accompanied by thousands of birds, pink crabs and sea lions

Maybe when I was lucky enough to go in the top 50 in the long stage, two hours later than the general group and I could see the race from behind, catching riders and sharing good vibes with them.

Maybe the time to start the first day

Maybe the time to finish the last stage

Maybe the moment I decided to come 

Maybe none of these moments in particular, because surely all of them together will already be part of the great memories of the life of each of the participants in this race-adventure

Once again, what is clear to me, is that sport in my life is not a final goal, but a means to get to the adventure. And the adventure, at last, is also only a means in the service of my true purpose, which is to live intensely nature and discover very special places of this precious planet that we treat so badly. 

We have enjoyed a lot this challenge, and at the same time we have dedicated it to reflect on the problems of desertification in order to promote attitudes to fight climate change. Because nature is not only there to be enjoyed, but also, and above all, to protect it. Sometimes I think that many people read the sports part of our posts, but very few the reflections on environment and sustainability; but there alone in the desert, suffering physically but enjoying the contemplation of such beauty, I thought that I do not mind spending time on these writings on environmental awareness, because if just one person reads it, it will have been worth it, and I will be a son most worthy of Mother Earth.

Mother: thank you for letting me discover another of your special corners, and I hope that soon I will visit and experience someone else, where I promise to really respect it and, again, to defend it and take advantage of it so that we all recognize this planet as the only place we have for living, and the place that offers us everything in exchange for one thing that the vast majority of people still do not understand: that we take care of you.

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Biouvac Rest day
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Rafael i Anna
07 December 2017
23:23 H
Molt bona cursa Albert, continues estant en forma !!!.
Tant bona cursa com reflexió final.
Jo tampoc sabria amb quin POTSER em quedaria.
Tinc molts bons records de la teva 2a MDS al Marroc en que vaig poguer gaudir amb tu de l?arrivada al final de la prova.
De tot cor MOLTES FELICITATS per tot l?equip !!!
07 December 2017
12:32 H
MOLTES FELICITATS ALBERT !!! Una forta abraçada
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