Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
24 September 2010
Cats at the Jungle

The team we have made to participate in the JUNGLE MARATHON is called JUNGLE.CAT (www.jungle.cat), and we want to explain the joke behind the name:

First of all, we chose this name because it was a generic name that defined us all as Catalans, because here each one of us has his sponsor, and we only have made a team in order to joint coordination, for a team classification and to form a full Catalan team in this extreme race at the Amazons.

The. "CAT" was the only termination that was free for the English word "JUNGLE" ... therefore, we registered it, and we all feel very comfortable and identified with this domain.

Cyrus who is the most talented of us at the level of language, immediately noted that although the termination "CAT" identified us with Catalonia, but also meant "cat" in English. Here we doubted for a moment, but then we saw the stars, fate, destiny, or the crazy chance, should have led us to the best definition we needed to cross the jungle: We have to be four real "Jungle Cats".

Cats because we have to move like felines, agile, very carefully, avoiding all kinds of creatures and obstacles, and sharp claws for skating not too much on that slippery ground.

Cats because we will have to see at night in more than one occasion, when we cross the thick vegetation at dusk after longest stages (There is a 87-km one)

And Cats because there are specifically 7 days of the race, and certainly we will need to exhaust the 7 lives that have been granted by mom cat, to survive a lot of handicaps, suffering, risks and athletic strength of this adventure in which we have bundled.

With all this cat motivation cat, four Catalan small cats hope to cross the finish arch on October 16th., even crawling or crawling like a mangy cat.


29 September 2010
08:49 H
Marramiau,jo us veig com a mixetes......
25 September 2010
16:23 H
El què hem de fer és entrar a la selva com uns gats, i sortir-ne com uns tigres!!!
25 September 2010
08:25 H
Ostres, bona. La definició, però, d'acabar com un gat escaldat...em te una mica preocupat!!!!
xavi marina
25 September 2010
08:00 H
Eso espero, acabar vivo!
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