Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
29 September 2010

Without wishing to exaggerate more than necessary, we want to explain whant are the major bugs we can find in the "Jungle Marathon.

The organization of this adventure has sent us an excerpt of the most common animals, and frankly, we are not particularly relaxed after reading that.

In general, we are awared that there is a huge amount of venomous creatures in the Amazon jungle, but if we are wise, take appropriate action as watching where we put our hands and feet, waving our shoes in the morning, and never sleep on the ground, nothing sever has to happen to us.

SNAKES: They say that all are dangerous, and they'll bite if we step on them or feel annoyed. The most common that we can find are the cobras, but we must aware for all, both the smallest and the huge Boa constrictors and Anacondas. We must be careful and, if possible, take a knee guards, similar to what they advise us ... the stimulator can see a promotional video for this gadget: SNAKE PROTECTOR

SPIDERS: They confirm us that the population of dangerous spiders is colossal. But reassure us by saying that those who have a phobia about them, don't have to worry, because they are well camouflaged and will be difficult for us to see them. The most dangerous are the shoes in the morning ... We are lucky with  such encouragement, isn't it!

SCORPIONS: Fortunately here we have better news, because although you see is full of them, its bite is usually very painful, but usually not fatal as the desert ones.

ANTS: The size of some from this region is really impressive. Their bite is not very serious, but it seems a severe burn.

JAGUAR, PANTHERS and PUMAS: The most common and dangerous are the Jaguars. Theoretically there are not a great danger, but we have to be alert, because they are animals that can attack us even if they do not feel threatened or harassed.

CAYMAN: The crossing of rivers and ponds or small lakes that we will run, are full of these giant lizards. But experts say we do not have to suffer for it, because although we will see them almost at hand while on the water, will turn away immediately, and there is no reason to be attacked.... But what happens if someone has Alzheimer's, and forgets that he has to leave or that he has already eaten a while ago?

PIRANHA: It is seen that, contrary to popular legend, they do not attack or bite even if you have an open wound. Usually only eat dead flesh.

MOSQUITOS: Within the large catalog of mosquitoes that it circles the area, could not miss our beloved "Anopheles", carrier of malaria through its bite. Much repellent, long sleeves and pants whenever possible, and perhaps a preventive pill ... can save us some surprises.

These will be our leading citizens, but there are others such as stripes, wild pigs, blood-sucking parasites, etc...

It is a pleasure to know that we're going to a remote area of the planet and at least we will not feel alone ... and if we are not careful, we can meet an animal friend which we will remember for all our live or more.

08 October 2010
16:11 H
Allez Cyrus, on pense à vous, on sait que vs êtes au taquet....malgré ces jolis papillons...
Faites ns de beaux résultats,, qu'on soit fière de vs!!!
On vs soutien et on vs suit...A bientôt
08 October 2010
09:04 H
Ànims nois. Us envio tota la força possible des de Catalunya. Aneu amb cura, gaudiu, patiu lo just i correu, correu tot el que pogueu. Sort a tots. Una abraçada
Javi Subias
08 October 2010
07:27 H
Os deseo la mayor de las suertes. Me hubiera gustado compartir esta aventura con vosotros, pero al final no ha podido ser, Asi que vais a ser vosotros quien la compartais conmigo. Muchisima suerte y como siempre digo, "disfrutar". ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Jaume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07 October 2010
09:59 H
Tes copines araignées te font pas peur...à force de me cotoyer, tu maitrises les animaux poilus maintenant!!
Allez bientôt le grand départ!
Núria Vitae
06 October 2010
08:59 H
Hola nois!!!
Molta força i energia de part de tot l'equip de Vitae!!!
Ens veiem a la tornada.
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