Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
07 October 2010
From now on, you can follow daily in this web a very special adventure at the real center of Amazon Jungle:  An extreme ultra endurance race, with total self autonomy during 7 days, crossing 222 Km. trhough the pure brasilian jungle.

We are four members in the JUNGLE.CAT team; and we have a really different and complementary team.

Xavier Marina is the youngest, but he has a great experience in ultra endurance races.  His power ant capacities, make him a favourite to the three first places.

Jaume Tolosa is really competitive in ultra distance races.  An specialist in desert long lasting Non Stop races, will also fight for a place in the Top Ten.

Cyrus Parvine is very resistant and, even he will not be one of the fastest of the group, he has maximum probabilities to finish this hard amazon event.

Albert Bosch has a multi adventurer profile.  He is not an specialist in running, but he has also done a lot of ultra endurance races.  His ability to get adapted to extreme situations should make him advance from less to better level.

During the event we will not have any connection with the external world.  We will be without internet, without mobile and also without satellite phone, because even we could have it, we also have to avoid any non totally necessary load in this total self autonomy adventure.  We can only send one mail per day from the organisation system, and we will use it to send a small text with the main news of each stage, in order to update it daily.

Enric call
11 October 2010
21:41 H
Hola jaume tornu a ser jo l'enric com estes com va la marato?quan lagis acabat digam en quina posisio vas queda i on la fas.
Rafael i Anna
10 October 2010
21:54 H
Hola Jungle.cat,

Comenša l'aventura, al tantu amb l'Albert que representa "el lado oscuro", i si no mireu la samarreta...

Que tingueu molt bona, bona, bonissima orientaciˇ, que la selva es molt punyetera.

Que la fuerza os acompa˝e, bueno i una mica de sort tambŔ...

Rafael, Anna i tot Instalgroup.
Ramon (Blanes)
09 October 2010
19:06 H
A Gaudir tots quatre, una abrašada !! Molt d?Ónim, tot i que aix˛ no us faltarÓ pas.
09 October 2010
10:36 H
Ja estem desitjant que comenci ja.
Molta sort, salut i alegria
09 October 2010
10:05 H
Hola Jaume et desitju que et vagi ve la marato per la jungla. jo soc u alumna d' ampans em dic Enric vall magem. la meva mara fa triatlons. duatlons i maratons.
es diu MarcÚ magem prat. BONA SORT
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