Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
08 October 2010
The starting is: 14 hours sailing in a small ship  ascending the Amazon River to take a huge tributary who brought us to a remote point in the middle of the jungle, from which you take out of this adventure.

The first contact with this wild and beautiful environment has been brutal. At the boat, we already have slept installing our hammocks on deck, enjoying the sight of the stars while the machine was earning miles for this huge river that sometimes is confused with the sea.

The atmosphere is awesome, because we are only four Catalans and Spaniards, surrounded by passionate people to experience strong worldwide. Here, almost no one speaks in terms of competition. Practically speaking only of the adventure of this race, namely the difficulties encountered, the bugs, how to adapt to life in the jungle, the problems of dehydration, etc., instead of the slope of classification or competition.

14 hours where we have already entered a world in extreme pain and extreme emotions in, where we will live for 8 days. 14 hours that we are disconnected from everything and we met many people dedicated to the race, to read and write a little, and above all, to relax and enjoy the beauty of the fierce Amazons.

Now we have no connection to the outside world. We no Internet, no phone and no satellite phone, then we take it, but we must avoid all nonessential weight in this race where we've already carried on all for many days. We can only send one email a day from the system of organization, which make use, whenever possible, to make a small text chronicling each stage, thus keeping the web updated daily.
Valenti i Roser
10 October 2010
14:00 H
Ara ja que us podem dir.........que desde el mon exterior us desitgem que aprofiteu molt aquesta experiencia que soposem per vosaltres inolvidable.
Sort per tots i un petˇ per tu Jaume
Francesc Comellas
10 October 2010
13:14 H
Molta sort al tot el grup i al tanto amb el candir˙ a l'hora d'anar a fer un pipi.

Rafael i Anna
09 October 2010
19:24 H
Hola amic,
DesprŔs d'un passeig amb golondrina per el port de Barcelona, lo millor es una visita al jardi botÓnic de Montju´c.
Molta sorta tot l'equip.
Rafael, Anna i tot Instalgroup.
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