Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
09 October 2010
Today we spend a whole day to familiarize ourselves with the environment.

The organization of the test has made us a fast course both theoretical and practical, how we should live in the jungle. This has included since we know the basic precautions to take to avoid risks of any bug bites or other infections, they explained  the danger of the  ground super slippery and full of roots and holes that are not see, also we will have to cross rivers and ponds constant, how to sleep comfortably in the hammocks, or how to act in case of any accident or suffered pinched poisonous.

Obviously, the organizers also have done a thorough review of all material required that we carry on. I have noticed that every day, without exception, this material will be reviewed either on arrival or in some control during the race. The Organisations is always worried because, as happens more often than one might think, and to save weight in the backpack, someone let things that may seem unnecessary, and instead should be fundamental . The penalty for not wearing any item required at any time is two hours. Even if we take  a drug or use any particular item, you must keep the packaging to show that it had has been used.

From there, we just have to wait a little longer and enjoy the sensation  of nerves and anxiety prior to the start of the adventure.

We do not know exactly what we expected and what will happen these days of pure jungle, but once again we see that these things have done for us, all the sense in the world, is so intense and very enriching to feel fully alive and in contact with nature in this very special places in the world.

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