Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
13 October 2010
The description of these first three stages ia as it follows: It is very hot, the day temperature reach 40 degrees, if we add  that the humidity is around 85% and not even blowing some air, walking is heavy,  and also difficult to catch a rhythm, especially the first two stages because of the dense vegetation and the constant presence of small streams and ponds that have been crossed.

At night, little sleep: earing the colonies of monkeys shrieking, many birds, some Jaguar and the colleagues who  remove and sometimes go for a walk, the insects are absolutelly happies.

There have been some dropouts, doctors work hard extracting thorns (some more than two centimeters) disinfecting wounds and administering analgesics, a companion has a scorpion stung and is safe.

The third stage was the longest, some sections were paths that connect small villages. The children from there accompanied the runners for a while encouraging them.  The   night camp was installed in one of these villages.

The leader is an American (Andrew Bock), Jaume is second and third Xavi, bothh are about thirty five minutes far from the leader.

Today Albert and Cyrus gained some time because some brokers have dropped the pace, were tenth and eleventh respectively in leading about two hours.

15 October 2010
11:27 H
Mucho ánimo, desde la distancia, a todo el equipo de gats/os. Aunque vuestros comentarios dejan entrever un esfuerzo sobrehumano y brutal...lo vivido no os lo quita nadie. Estas experiencias dan todo el sentido a la vida; vosotros, que os voy a decir yo, sabeis de lo que hablo y por eso buscais estas vivencias. Un fuerte saludo a todos, y un poco de suerte tambien.
Carles Bassaganya
15 October 2010
00:24 H
Ànims a tot l'equip, i en especial al colega Albert Bosch.
14 October 2010
22:45 H
Ánimo campeones, la carrera empieza a estar encarrilada.
Rafael i Anna
14 October 2010
16:13 H
Hola amic,
Moltes felicitats per tots els components del Jungle.cat, a l'ecuador de la cursa esteu en una possició inmijorables, tot una lliço de força per altres equips amb mès experiència.
Com algú de volsaltres va dir al video del 1er. dia " Visca Catalunya".
Una abraçada.
Rafael, Anna i tot Instalgroup.
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