Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
14 October 2010
Physically I am feeling very well ... Today I got the 8th overall (about 100 corridors running). Maybe I runned too strong because I have feet destroyed. In muscle and energy level I feel great and I am holding a good pace on the stages...but the problem (and big) is the feet. I was weed all day, and dirty, the ground is very irregular, all the time we are stepping into positions very unusual, and may be also that the shoes are too old and should have retired before the fact is that i have blisters everywhere ... never happened to me at this level, or over the 7Cims or during the Marathon des Sables, or anywhere. I do not know if I can finish,  because every day is worse. Tomorrow we will have a stage similar than today, but a bit shorter ... If tomorrow my feet goes better , I will have an opportunity to finish, if not probably I will give up.

The other three companions of the team Jungle Cat are great ...  today Jaume and Xavi have returned to join together in 2nd. and 3rd. site. And Cyrus has been fired, 4th and came a-quarter hour of the other two ... I have not been able to follow (basically the problem of the feet), and although we have together until the Control of Step 3 after he will gone ... I have practically walk the last 5 km. race.... There are many runners wich are suffering a lot.

15 October 2010
17:34 H
Ánimo, que todos los males se acaban algún día. Nunca he visto pies tan perjudicados como en la Jungle, la combinación calor+humedad+muchas horas+esfuerzo es letal. Intenta aguantar y a por la etapa larga.
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