Jungle Marathon
From 10 October to 17 October 2010
The Amazon at Race Pace
17 October 2010
Final Stage
The JUNGLE.CAT teams have won the category for this ultra-marathon, one of the most extreme and adventurous of the word, the team  has been isolated in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil for 9 days.

It is the first time that  a Spanish or Catalan Team wins this ordeal, and this has been possible through the strength of all four components during the six stages that consisted of the race. Xavi  and Jaume  were from day one until the last, running together and dominate the second individual overall, while Albert  and Cyrus have been climbing positions as the competition progressed, being the fifth and sixth place at the end.

This ultra-marathon, includes some very special circumstances for participants , ranging far beyond the pure athletic ability: It should be totally self-sufficient during the week long test, always run with your feet wet and dirty mud and sand, with consequent problems of blisters and foot damage, it takes a special acclimation and resistance to the strong heat and very high humidity of the area should monitor the risks from  the animals , etc ... All this has possibility that we were beating other teams theoretically stronger in the purely athletic.

The side by side with a team from the British army lasted until the fourth stage, but the fifth special stage and queen of the trial of 89 km. Non Stop,  Cyrus and Albert were able to overcome the top two rival British group, and remove them sufficient advantage to make it the first end equipment. Almost 18 hours non-stop that day, and destroyed  feet for blisters were worth it to achieve a goal that we had not planned to start.

At  the official website of the trial, yesterday there was a mistake,,they put as winners of the teams, a brazilian team, in fact they win the  category of Pará (special for the natives of the zone) but not the general.

At the top of the race were only the American Andrew Block, first individually, and the Chilean Chinchilla Martin, fourth at the individual level, then the third place was deserted because Jaume  and Xavi were sharing second place together.

The four team members were absolutelly happys  at the  arrival of the last stage, which was 32km. dating back to the beach and the river 'Tapajós.

Thank you very much follow that we've made through this site, and all the messages of support we've been going through.

Some quick comments from each of four cats in the jungle (JUNGLE.CAT)

Xavier Marina: "It's unbelievable. And since I had trained very well experienced in long distance races and stages, but did not think we can  reach this magnificent result, both individual and team level. And people here are running very strong, but most has gone more or less every day, while we have been very consistent ".

Jaume Tolosa: "Make the second at the individual level, with Xavi and win the race as a team is more than we could dream at the  start. The whole team worked like clockwork and we have not died at any time. Always go together with Xavi has been a great success, because its speed and consistency have helped to keep my pace very high every day and in any field. I reach  the second place at the trans-saharian  marathon , now second at individual level and first as a team..... I'm excited".

Cyrus Parvine: "I guess from the outside is difficult to assess what we have achieved. But I have a foot full of blisters open and shoulders crushed. For me this race is not the hardest I've done physically, but psychologically, for the harshness of the environment and, in my particular case, control my phobia of butterflies, of course I did my hardest race . Without doubt, my already extensive experience in long distance races has helped me a lot both physically and mentally, to keep myself always in the leading positions. I do not come back to that hell, but I'm very proud to have them come out with this result, the best I have ever achieved".

Albert Bosch: "Just 5 months ago from  today I reach the summit of Everest, and celebrate this win and a 6th place in the individual classification is fantastic. My three colleagues are pure racers, they  only train this sport,  this  forced me to throw as hard as I could, moreover, cost me a lot regain fitness the back of Everest, and I get worried about this race badly. I am very happy because, although they have destroyed my feet, I have been reacting very well to the harsh conditions of the jungle".

Jem McIlveen
26 October 2010
03:25 H
Well done guys! Look forward to seeing you again in Costa Brava...
Hopefully less weight more speed next time!

Jem and Gordon (British Army guys)
ton botifoll
20 October 2010
08:48 H
SOU UNS CRAKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Josep Balleste
19 October 2010
17:37 H
Felicitats !!!!!
Per cert Albert, On está el llimit?
19 October 2010
14:19 H
Sou uns fenomenos. Ara a tornar a la "jungla de la crisi" (del primer món) je, je, je,.. que segons com es miri pot inclús ser més dura de la que heu patit...non comment: ;)
18 October 2010
19:41 H
Quin equip mes bo que tenim Moltes felicitats!
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